Phoenix Analytical

Having seen a response from someone that said "The web page shall we say... Basic." Well I have to agree. And I like basic but it has moved on a bit.

It's still not the most exciting website and will likely remain a work in progress.

If, however, you are a brewer of beer and wish to know more about what's in your water so you can treat it so as to brew different styles of beer then you might be in the right place.

The analysis provided allows for you to use a variety of calculators that are available. Analysis is the only thing for sale on this website which leaves you completely free to buy treatment chemicals from whatever source you choose knowing that you are not further filling my wallet.

Do I know what I am doing you may ask? Well I like to think so. I have been doing analysis of water, beer, wine, effluents and lots of other things for quite a long time. Training with a London practice of consultants to the brewing and fermentation industries allowed one to do most of the analyses available in I.o.B., EBC, ASBC on barley, malt, beer, wort, hops, finings, water etc etc.